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I’m Victoria Gallagher! I am a Certified Master Hypnotherapist and Law of Attraction Coach. I’ve been teaching Self-Hypnosis and Law of Attraction for the past 20 years. What is Hypnosis? A state of consciousness in which a person is highly responsive to suggestion. What is Law of Attraction? The Law of Attraction is the concept that "like attracts like". By focusing on positive or negative thoughts you attract positive or negative experiences into your life. Why Learn both Hypnosis and Law of Attraction? Law of Attraction is a great concept. However, in order to deeply apply the principals to your life, you must get this information embedded into the subconscious mind. What can Learning Hypnosis and Law of Attraction do for you? Be Happy and Successful in your life. Achieve Your Goals Attain Financial Abundance Attract Career Success Have Better Health Experience Enlightenment Enjoy More fulfilling relationships Overcome Struggles Gain Self-Control and Self-Mastery. By Visualizing your desired outcome, you will be working with the Power of Your Mind! Hypnosis and Law of Attraction go hand in hand and have been around for hundreds of years. In this podcast, you'll learn the techniques of Hypnosis, Law of Attraction, Visualization, NLP, Law of Attraction, Meditation, Personal Growth, and many other techniques which help you bring forth the Power of Your Mind. For More Information Visit: FACEBOOK YOUTUBE CHANNEL TWITTER
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Power of Your Mind | Hypnosis | Law of Attraction | Meditation | NLP | Affirmations | Visualization



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Mar 25, 2018

The Entrepreneur's Law of Attraction Mindset

What does it actually take for you to become a Successful Entrepreneur and can you utilize Hypnosis, Law of Attraction, and Personal Development to help you?

Have you ever considered becoming an Entrepreneur?

Maybe you already ARE an Entrepreneur and want to understand how to make yourself and your business more successful.

In today's Power of Your Mind episode, we're going to discuss the many reasons people want to go into business and become Entrepreneurs.

We are also going to discuss the character traits Entrepreneur's have so you can determine if YOU are already in possession of those traits or do you need to develop them.

And finally, you'll know the skills you need to develop in your own Personal Growth that will make you a better business owner and succeed in your business.

Feb 16, 2018

When working with Law of Attraction, one thing this is key is having the self-discipline to practice putting yourself and keeping yourself in a high vibration.

Part of Self-Discipline means having the ability to control one's feelings and overcome one's weaknesses. It also means having the ability to pursue what you think is right despite temptations to do otherwise.

Today, we are going to discuss 9 practices or habits that will help you to have more self-discipline.

Are you one of those people who finds running out of time or getting discouraged?

Do you have trouble getting everything accomplished that you set out to accomplish?

Do you wish you were more confident?

Do you have trouble keeping your word or your promises with others?

Are you tired of having to start over and over again?

Today’s topic will be key to your success in life!Self-Discipline helps Law of Attraction to manifest your desires.

Why? Because you communicate to your subconscious and the universe through your actions. The more consistent your actions and your daily routine, the more Law of Attraction will respond to what you wish to create.

Nov 27, 2017

Waking up on the RIGHT side of the bed is Paramount to Law of Attraction.

When you first wake up in the morning, you are in a state of hypnosis!

Are you one of those people who find yourself either:

-Wakes up on the wrong side of the bed in the morning?

- In a bad mood?

- Pressing the snooze button

- More than once

- Tripping when you get out of bed

- Complaining

- Saying things like I hate Mondays or I hate going to work or I hate getting up in the morning?

This time when you are first waking up in a very special time you see. When you are first waking up and you’re still not quite conscious, you’re still in touch basically with your Subconscious Mind. And who hands the orders to Law of Attraction to manifest what you want? It’s your subconscious mind.

Now, your subconscious mind doesn’t care if you don’t like to get up in the morning. All it does is hears the words you say, and the thoughts you are thinking, and submits your vibration to Law of Attraction.

There are only two kinds of vibrations you can send, positive and negative.

So, when you’re saying, "Oh, I am just dreading going into work today, because I have to meet with so and so, or because I have to do this or that, The Law of Attraction is obedient.

It just says:

Yes, I’ll bring you some more of that. So, what are some ways to overcome this?

What can we do differently to change this?

Nov 22, 2017

How to get a Money Mindset to strengthen your Attraction.   

I'm sure you've heard that your thoughts create your reality.  At the end of the day, this is true.  However, some things can create money blocks in us, which can impact Law of Attraction working in your life, because perhaps you have been in a state of denial about your financial situation.

In this Power of Your Mind episode, we are going to take a look at a four-step clearing process to release old habit patterns about money.

Be prepared to get honest.  Face reality today for a brighter future tomorrow. This process is simple, though it may not be easy.  However, it is powerful!

Using this four-step process, you will own your new money mindset by getting into action in your life.  You'll be in a much better place to focus on money, from a place of truth so that you can create the actions which are appropriate for you and a plan to overcome the old money patterns.

Download this exciting and impactful episode now!

Nov 16, 2017

Attract what you really want with the Power of Your Mind

If you have heard of the movie, The Secret, you have heard of the Law of Attraction, as well.  The Law of Attraction is not making things suddenly appear with your thoughts; you have to put a little effort into it.  

Learn How to Meditate Using Creative Visualization

if you are interested in utilizing the Law of Attraction to its fullest potential, make sure that you begin each day with meditation.

Creative Visualization is a powerful tool in creating the feelings behind the desire.  It is not enough to just meditate on something you wish to attract into your life, visualizing brings it to life.

Learn the art of Being Grateful

Write down your thoughts.

Use positive thinking

Nov 11, 2017

Attract the Life You Want with the Power of Your Mind

Do you always keep your word? 

Are you expressing yourself authentically?

Have you felt blocked in the area of Manifesting?

It may come down to this thing we call:  Integrity

We think that little agreements made and then broken here and there won't ever harm us, right?

Think again!

Your word is connected to your power to create.  As a matter of fact, it IS your power to create!

Or, maybe you are completely out of alignment in one area of your life.  You're not living your truth.  You're afraid to speak up.   So, you go on just living a lie and it blocks you from having success in some other area of your life.

If you are loose with your word, then you have no power to create.

During this podcast you're going to learn.

  • What exactly is integrity?
  • How it impacts you.
  • What happens when you break your word.
  • How Law of Attraction is affected by your level of integrity.
  • What to do when you're out of integrity.
  • How to get back into integrity.

Create a new level of awareness about how what you say and do is responsible for the results you now have in your life.

By getting honest with yourself and keeping your word, you'll be surprised at how much energy that frees up within you to create the world you want to live in.

Mar 14, 2017

Attract Your Soulmate with the Power of Your Mind

Do you have a Soulmate? Attract Love!  

Is there a Special Someone you are meant to share the rest of your life with and a great love? I'm going to share my Secrets of how I met my soulmate.

I'm going to share my Top 3 Steps you can use to prepare yourself to Attract Your Soulmate.

Are you are cynical about Love or Finding your Soulmate?  It's time to let all of that go now because you are going to Attract into your life whatever you think about and feel about most strongly.

If you don't believe it can happen for you, then unfortunately, it probably wont.

  • Who is your Soulmate?
  • How will you KNOW you have found that person?
  • Do you feel that you are destined to meet Your One True Soulmate?
  • Could your Soulmate be someone you knew in a Past Life (if you believe in reincarnation).
  • Is your Soulmate is Someone who Completes You and makes you a Better Person?
  • Does One Soulmate exist for each person?

Know What to Look For when searching for your own soulmate.

Step-by-Step Instructions on what you can do when preparing to meet your soulmate. 

Make yourself as open and as prepared as you can be, so that when your soulmate walks into your life you can be ready.

Feb 18, 2017

Today we are going to discuss LIMITING BELIEFS, which ties in so well with the theme of this show which is all about The Power of Your Mind, Law of Attraction, and Hypnosis.

Anything in your life that you are trying to attract and you are not attracting is being impacted by your limiting beliefs.

Your reality matches up with what your deepest beliefs say.

If you have beliefs in your subconscious mind which are preventing you from having what you want, it’s a very dis-empowering place to be.

The first step in CLEARING limiting beliefs is to BECOME AWARE of those beliefs.

Next, we will be Creating a New Belief System.

Overcoming limiting beliefs requires that you replace each of them with new and more empowering ways of thinking! In order to create a new belief, it must be believable. So, your challenge is to create new pieces of self-talk, perspective, life philosophies, or slogans that really resonate with you on an experiential level.

Nov 22, 2016

When trying to better your future and create Financial Abundance for yourself, you must start with the basics. It is very important that you examine yourself. Why do you want it and what does it mean for you?

Stop Negative Thinking: Another important basic you will need in order to obtain success and Financial Abundance is to stop your negative thought processes.

Understand That Wealth by Itself Will not Create Happiness: A common thinking error that many people make is to think that Financial Abundance itself means happiness. This is not true, and it is important for you to know that in some people’s situations money actually created more stress and unhappiness in their lives. To be truly successful and feel content in life you will need more than just Financial Abundance.

Positive Imagery: A very powerful tool to Manifest Financial Abundance and sadly many people are not aware of the benefits it has to offer. You can change many things in your life by simply using positive imagery. It may seem unbelievable that such a simple process can be so effective, but do not underestimate the power of visualization.

Affirmations: Can be very useful when facing tough situations. That is why they should be used while you are trying to build Financial Abundance. It may feel weird saying affirmations to yourself but it will surely help.

Nov 11, 2016


When it comes right down to using The Power of Your Mind, I can't think of a better way to help you strengthen that powerful mind of yours than Meditation.  

We’ve all heard so much about it, but just What is Meditation?

There are many schools of thought on that definition, just as there are many ways to meditate.  Most would agree that it is a way of relaxing the mind, letting go of every day distractions, and bringing about more inner peace, something we can all use.

Meditation is a great practice because it allows you to get in touch with your inner self. Meditation allows you to visit a part of yourself that you may not acknowledge very often.  Meditation can even help you Manifest more Love, Abundance, and Health into your life through the Law of Attraction.    It also allows you to reach deeper into your subconscious, subsequently allowing you to lock in to your goals, your life purpose or improve your concentration and focus. Meditation can be difficult at first, but like any exercise, you will get better and stronger with practice.

This is one of the longer podcasts, but well worth it as it includes about a 10 minute meditation toward the end.

Oct 12, 2016

Ever since the release of the hit movie The Secret which talks about the Law of Attraction. There’s been a lot of people interested in and talking about and teaching the Law of Attraction.

Law of Attraction is a very misunderstood concept. It's not about a genie granting all your wishes to come true and all of your problems to just magically disappear. There are actual things that you need to do if you want to experience the richness that’s available to you.

What I’m going to talk about some steps you can take to implement the Law of Attraction which can be used to attract pretty much anything that you can think of in your life. You can attract money, attract a soulmate, better health, you can attract more customers, you can attract a job, you can attract more friendships, you can attract being able to find your dream home, you can attract pretty much anything that you can think of.

Just sit back, free your mind from any clutter and just listen and enjoy.

Sign up for your free Self-Hypnosis Video Training Course at:

Oct 9, 2016

Just what are Brainwaves? And how can they help you to Attract what you want?

Would you like to improve your meditation? Get better at Law of Attraction? Understand Hypnosis? How Your brain works?

In this episode, you'll learn, what are the different Brain Wave Frequencies?

We will discuss the various brain wave states; Beta, Alpha, Theta, Delta, and Gamma and the most ideal state for Hypnosis?

You'll also enjoy a quick 5-minute Alpha state Meditation / Hypnosis Session!


Oct 6, 2016

What is Visualization? We use visualization to imagine things via the pictures, images, mental imagery on the screen of our mind. This is a very powerful tool in order to help you to achieve what you want in life and to help you to get better at any skill in any area of your life.

Why Visualization Works. Visualization works because the subconscious mind does not know the difference between what is real and imagined. It also evokes the emotions needed in order to manifest what you want in your life.

How to Visualize. Really we visualize in all 5 senses. But, with the word visual, many people think in terms of what we are seeing in our mind, so we are going to talk about ways to do that, practice it, and get better at it.

Visualization Exercise. In this episode there will be a beginner’s assignment and an advanced assignment to help you to improve your visualization skills.

Oct 3, 2016

I’m sure you have all heard the phrase “An attitude of gratitude”, but have you ever wondered why have this attitude?

After all, what do you really have to be grateful for? You might have thoughts like, “I hate my job”, “I don’t make enough money to make me happy”, “It’s time for a new car, but I can’t afford one”, “My co-workers are so annoying”, and “I can’t find a quality man or woman to love me.” Now, while whatever you’re complaining about may be true, what you focus on and think about is typically what the universe gives back to you.

When you focus on the gratitude and appreciation, for the things you do have, you are changing your mindset, which changes how you feel, and ultimately changes how you behave and the opportunities that will you’re your way.

When you’re grateful for everything you have, no matter how small it is and you allow yourself to FEEL the gratitude you will receive more of what you are asking for because your mind delivers to you that with which you are focused on.

Expressing gratitude shifts your focus to those things that you are grateful for and the more you express gratitude, the more your energetic vibrations change.